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Why we love Xero Expenses!

Bright Beany By Katy Dales

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At Bright Beany, we love to make things easy. And this is exactly what Xero Expenses does. Read on to find out how….

Submit with just a photo

You can capture and submit expense claims on the spot with a mobile. You can see claims as they occur, and create expenses for employees, to help plan ahead and manage cash flow.

Auto-fill expense claims

Xero automatically pulls the key information from a photo and creates the claim. All you need to do is review and approve.

Save time with easy approval and payment

Receive push notifications on your phone to keep up-to-date on the status of a claim. See and approve claims right away for a better spending picture and faster reimbursements.

Take control of your spending

See expense patterns by account and employee to monitor spending and get up-to-the-moment information to make fast, informed decisions. Use labels to organise expense claims by an employee so they can keep all of the expenses related to a trip, project, or client in one folder.

Go paperless

No more paper receipts! Keep it simple with everything online so expenses are easy to record, claim, and find. Photos of receipts attached digitally to expense claims are automatically stored in a folder within the Xero file library to help comply with regulatory requirements.

Xero Expenses mobile apps

Claim expenses on the go. Don’t wait to get back to the office to make a claim. You and your team simply snap photos of receipts on your mobile through the app, then submit claims as soon as a purchase is made.

Stay Making Tax Digital Compliant

One of the key requirements of the legislation introduced in April 2019 is keeping and maintaining digital records, which you can do with ease using Xero Expenses.

Why not try Xero Expenses free for 2 months today! More users can be added for £2.50 a month per employee.

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